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Chinese Mandarin Vocabulary lists - Common Objects

This Chinese Mandarin vocabulary list features Chinese words for common objects. Have a look at each Chinese word while playing the recording with a player jukebox at the top of the Chinese word list for common objects.

Carefully study the tones indicated on pinyin for each Chinese word and try to match the pronuncation by listening the recording of Chinese word by a native Mandarin speaker. To make the most out of your Chinese language practice repeat each word aloud as many times as necessary to get the Mandarin tones right.


 You may download the Chinese word list for common objects by opening the list in .pdf format. Follow the link provided at the end of the list.  

For better retention and understanding of this vocabulary list first study the four Mandarin tones.

 Chinese words - Common Objects - 1

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English Pinyin Hanzi
common household
rìcháng jiājū
sheets chuángdān 床单
pillow zhěntou 枕头
tv set diànshì jī 电视机
chair yǐzi 椅子
table zhuōzi 桌子
picture zhàopiàn 照片
staircase lóutī 楼梯
scissors jiǎndāo 剪刀

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