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Getting your prunuciation right is essential to master your Mandarin. Our resources are fully pronounced by native speakers.

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Find the best courses to suit your needs. Every learner of Mandarin is different. We want to help you make the decision.

 Our Mandarin resources pages provide you with Chinese language learning materials to improve your Chinese vocabulary and communication skills in modern Mandarin.

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China offers breathtaking choice of travel options. Plan your itinerary to suit your time and budget with our travel tips. 

 We offer tours around China tailored to your taste and preferences. Chinese experience that you will never forget.


Do you need a reliable translator to help you with the paperwork for your business or personal arrangements in China?

 If you find Chinese cultural and language barrier too difficult we offer consulting services within mainland China.

   Top 5 Self-Study Mandarin Chinese Courses

Fluenz Mandarin Pimsleur Mandarin Rosetta Stone Mandarin Mandarin For Beginners
The Michel Thomas Method
Rocket Chinese Premium


Master Chinese tones easily!
Do you find Chinese tones difficult to recognize and pronounce?

Chinese Mandarin tones 

Learn grammar through real life examples
Learn grammar dynamically by studying HIGH-FREQUENCY real life dialogues
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Most popular vocabulary

Kick-start your Mandarin by reading and listening through our vocabulary lists.
Chinese Mandarin words 

Chinese numbers
Understanding and learning the numbers is an essential skill in any language.
Learn Chinese numbers!



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